A game of investigation and horror

Paranormal investigation

In the Broken world, you incarnate a team of investigator who leads investigations on paranormal phenomena.

Prepare yourself to survive in a hostile and mysterious environment. Take on the challenges that will allow you to exorcise the enemies you will meet.


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Paranormal activities

Broken is a horror game in which you will have to be cold-blooded to solve the mysteries of the paranormal world. Be prepared, because you will have to use logic and common sense to decipher what is waiting for you.

Exceptional environments

Lead your investigation in exceptional places, from a subway tunnel to the ruins of a medieval castle.

Discover the origin of paranormal events in the company of a medium, a scientist, an exorcist priest and an investigator.

Scary multiplayer games

In single or multiplayer mode, Broken proposes to solve various missions.

You will have to investigate a paranormal phenomenon and exorcise the spiritual entities. You will have to use the skills of your character and your teammates to succeed in your mission.

Procedural enigmas

Broken has a procedural enigma system with thousands of combinations to make each mission a unique experience.

A realistic atmosphere

Broken offers you a realistic experience where you have to keep your cool to complete each mission.

In an atmosphere of insecurity, fear and danger, you will have to work as a team and master your fears to solve each riddle.

Achievements and community

Achievements system: be the first to achieve the achievements of the game to be posted on our Discord and join the “Firsts Down” community (Discord role)

Coming soon

Broken is updated regularly, here are some features that will arrive soon.


The scenario offers a captivating story in several chapters in which you will get to know our heroes.

Thematic map

Paranormal events seem to appear only at certain times of the year. Enjoy exclusive content for a limited time.