Andromede games is a small independent video game studio. But before being developers, we are pc, console and tabletop role-playing players!

We created the studio in the spirit of making games that will thrill gamers by combining quality gameplay with adult, believable and original scenarios.

Today, with Broken, we have laid the first stone of a universe that will be declined on several games!

We hope that our work will make you feel the sensations that we ourselves experienced during our best games, whether on PC, console or on the table.

The team


My first video game slap was Baldur’s gate 1 and 2, which introduced me to Dungeon & Dragon on the table, but it was with Neverwinter nigths that I took my first steps in video game creation. Later I got a taste for science fiction thanks to the Mass Effect series.

Today I combine all my passions to share them with you in the form of video games!
Game Developer