Broken: Paranormal investigation

A horror game between investigation and exorcism

BROKEN: paranormal investigation is a single-player and cooperative online horror game.

You work for the Vatican and your goal is to gather information on paranormal activities and if possible, to make them disappear


In this multiplayer game, each character has a unique class and skills. Psychic power, holy water, tazer… the specific skills of each character will help you solve the enigmas you encounter.

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Immersive game

Play in an immersive world thanks to realistic graphics and sounds! Broken: Paranormal Investigation is an investigation game that will captivate you and put you in the shoes of your character for moments of horror.

Story mode

Currently in development, Broken: Paranormal investigation will make you live an investigation mixing mystery and enigma to solve in an atmosphere of scares and paranormal events.

Will you be able to solve all the mysteries that await you and discover the truth about the paranormal world?

Multiplayer horror game

In multiplayer, Broken: Paranormal Investigation allows you to solve puzzles with up to 4 players.
Thanks to the procedural investigation system, each new game is unique.

Broken is bringing you seasonal content! Discover unique multiplayer maps for major events like Halloween.