• Nationality: French
  • Class: medium
  • Story:

Sibylle was born in the castle of Lucey in Savoy. During her childhood Sibylle spent her time walking around the family estate where she discovered ancient objects in the surroundings of the castle.

One day while she was playing ghost hunt with other children in the basement of the castle, Sibyl started hearing voices and having visions. The other children, at first frightened, ran away, then laughed at Sibyl thinking she was crazy.

For several years, Sibylle went back to listen to the voices in the basement of the castle to try to understand them until an archaeologist discovered a hidden chamber with several mutilated skeletons dating back to Roman times.

Since that day, Sibyl has been helping the living by appeasing the spirits of the dead all over the world.


  • Nationality: Korean
  • Class: Scientific
  • Story:

A graduate of Seoul National University, Cho is a very rigorous scientist.

She dissects each event she encounters with the rigor of a researcher. But during her research in physics. An unexpected reaction caused the appearance of temporary paranormal phenomena. Unfortunately, no witnesses were present at the time of the experiment to confirm her version of events. Cho tried to reproduce his experiment many times but without success.

Faced with her failure, she decides to reverse the problem and seeks to analyze proven paranormal phenomena to succeed in reproducing the conditions of her experiment.


  • Nationality: Algerian
  • Class: Investigator
  • Story:

As an analyst in the DSS (Department of Surveillance and Security), Assia was brought in to investigate the suspicious actions of one of the Algerian army generals’ sons in a murder case.

Unfortunately, this highly sensitive investigation was hushed up and Assia was imprisoned to keep her silence. Upon her release, she decides to flee to the United States where she works as a private investigator until she finds herself involved in a case that is strangely similar to the murders perpetrated by the general’s son.


  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Class: Exorcist
  • Story:

Former exorcist of the Vatican, Nina is an orphan taken in by the priest of the church of Candelária.

She spent a very pious childhood showing exceptional physical and mental capacity. Spotted by the Cardinal of São Paulo. The Vatican offers Nina to come and do her studies in the Vatican where she will join the ranks of the exorcists.

Nina resigned from her role in the church because of the inconsistencies in the institutional discourse. While investigating on her own to understand how her equipment works and where the paranormal manifestations come from, she questioned the version taught by the exorcists. Faced with the refusal of her hierarchy, she decides to go it alone and find her own answers.


  • Nationality: Swiss
  • Class: Exorcist
  • Story:

Matteo is the son of the commander of the Vatican Swiss Guard. After a very pious childhood, he shows exceptional physical and mental aptitude thanks to his father’s military training. He was introduced by his father to the great exorcist Pietro Perreti who suggested that he follow his training.

Impressed by the rigor and aura of Pietro Perreti, Matteo begins to learn the secrets of exorcism from the Catholic Church and devotes himself body and soul to his future role in parallel with his studies.

Since then, he has traveled the world looking for traces of each apparition of the devil.


  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Class: Scientific
  • Story:

Gifted student but more motivated by student parties than by his mathematics studies at the University of British Columbia.

During a drunken student party, Samir and several other students see objects that start to move strangely by themselves for a few moments. A few minutes later, an animal corpse is found burned in the basement of the building.

All the witnesses of the scene think of collective hallucination but Samir does not believe this version at all. He becomes obsessed with this event and starts devouring scientific and paranormal literature to find an answer to what he saw. When he finished his studies and his research failed, Samir tried to contact people who had experienced paranormal events to find answers to his questions.


  • Nationality: American
  • Class: Medium
  • Story:

At Halloween parties Tyler was always more interested in visiting scary places than trick-or-treating. While visiting the ruins of a farm with friends, Tyler became dizzy and passed out. Seconds later, he woke up paralyzed with a shadow on his chest. Frightened, Tyler woke up with a start, and his misadventure made his friends laugh a lot and they thought it was a hoax.

But Tyler’s terror was not simulated, and for the rest of their evening, the shadow followed the group and the medium’s unease only increased.

Today, Tyler can make out shadows and patches of light in places that have often seen tragedies occur. The discomfort this causes him is only dissipated when the shadows evaporate…


  • Nationality: English
  • Class: Investigator
  • Story:

Former investigator at Scotland Yard. Ethan was working on a cold case in Scotland when he realized that several unsolved cases could be related. Not by the people involved but by the eerily similar modus operandi.

Although no one believes his thesis, Ethan is now acting under the orders of interpol by going through the information of all the police forces of the world. He is trying to find other cases that might match in the hope of solving this mystery.