Enigmas to solve

As an investigator, your goal is to find information about paranormal events and if possible stop them. You will find many enigmas to solve in Broken : Paranormal investigation so here is a short description.

Combination enigma n°1

While searching, you will find knives with symbols on them that will appear in the “Investigation” section of your smartphone. Once gathered, you will have to find the right combination to open the safe. Inside a book of invocation will give you the coordinates (cardinal points) to activate the braziers in the right order.

Combination enigma n°2

This enigma consists in finding the hidden symbols which will be revealed thanks to the UV lamp. Be careful and observe these symbols! They will indicate their position in the order of activation of the braziers.

Enigma of destruction n°1

Scour the entire map and find the cursed objects! Burn these demonic objects to exorcise the evil being!

Enigma of destruction n°2

During this enigma several objectives are to be accomplished.
At first you will have to collect the cursed objects and destroy them. But one of these objects is locked in a safe.
Find the knives to know the symbols written on each of them in order to know the combination that will allow you to open the chest and destroy the last book!

Speak the name

This enigma consists in reconstituting the name of the entity and to pronounce it in its presence near the altar of invocation!

The capture item

To solve this enigma you will have to accomplish several objectives.

Find the clues about the residents of the place.
Recover the objects corresponding to these missing persons.
Equip yourself with the Ouija table. Be patient! The ghost is not always willing to communicate!
Ask him your questions thanks to the questions available in the smartphone.
Beware… he may be lying to you!
Deduct the object belonging to the entity.
Don’t get confused and drop the object that belongs to it!