Maps , Difficulty, Other information

Here is some information:

– The spirit drops less quickly when the player plays alone!
– Each new player starts with $4000
– If you run out of money, you receive money from the insurance to buy essential items such as a lamp, uv lamp and camera.

Difficulty mode

Depending on the difficulty mode, some elements of the game may react differently.


Only the destruction puzzle #1 of the cursed objects is available in this mode.
You recover energy more easily.
When the investigation is sufficiently advanced at the end of the game, the players receive a sum of money.
The damage is less important in this mode.


In addition to the destruction puzzle #1, the destruction puzzle #2, combination #1, and say the name are available

In this difficulty mode, the damage to the spirit is higher and the ghost is more aggressive.


The salary is only 50$ and once again the spirit drops more intensely. Moreover the ghost starts to attack very quickly. The puzzle “The capture object” is available in hard mode.

Very Hard and Nightmare

From very difficult you don’t earn any more salary at each game. A last enigma is available. To be done in group only!


Currently, Broken has 6 maps, on each of these maps there may be walls to destroy. and you are not safe anywhere.

Each of the game’s enigmas can be found on any map.

Here is the list of maps:
The abandoned farm
The abandoned house
The psychiatric hospital
The metro : Tunnel of metro
The ruined castle